Apr 25, 2011

What does Man Outside Nature mean ?

A friend told me that "Man Outside Nature" is a misleading title, considering the fact that while I enjoy the occasional walk in the park, I'm actually a rather indoorsy person. But the "Man" in the title isn't about me, it's Man in the widest scope; this blog is about a concept - an ideal.

The reasoning behind that ideal goes as follows :

-Man has achieved enough technological advances to actually be self-sufficient, petty economic issues aside : we can produce more than enough food and energy. We grow trees and cattle in controlled environments and are able to satisfy even the most whimsical wishes of consumers. We can harvest the energy from the Sun, wind, and waves.
-Man has messed Nature up pretty bad in the past and we have come to regret it; we can't go back on that, but luckily there are still areas on Earth that haven't been tamed or destroyed yet.
-Therefore - why are we still doing that ? Why are we still burning down tropical forests to build more farms, when we are already dumping our excess grain to the benefit of nobody ? Why are we still drilling the earth to find oil, when we have developped so many alternatives ? Why do we continually mess with Nature and insist on having it cater to our needs ?
Why don't we try living on our own -outside Nature- with everything we've acquired, without interfering with Nature any further ?

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